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Want Your Kid to Think Braces Are Cool? Start Young.

Every parent wants their child to be able to smile with confidence but for many that's not possible without orthodontic intervention. Although the average age for orthodontic treatment is about 12 years old, that’s not necessarily the best time to start. Our recommendation is to take your child for an orthodontic consult at age 7. At that point, the doctor will advise on a course of treatment that best suits your child.

On the whole, younger children are good candidates for orthodontic procedures as early diagnosis prevents issues from becoming more complex. Children as young as 12 years old have significantly developed jaws which means corrective actions will take longer. Anterior crossbites are easier to correct early on, for example. Take a look at the below before and after images of an anterior crossbite on a 7-year-old:


Another common issue that braces solve is crowding. Traditionally, orthodontists would say wait until age 11 or 12 to treat a crowding problem, but the problem isn’t going to get any better by waiting. Early treatment has been proven to correct narrow arch and create space for the teeth as well as for the tongue so it may function correctly when swallowing. Below are examples of crowding in a 7 and 8-year-old child that are being treated with Phase I orthodontics to eliminate the crowding and to develop the jaws to the width they should be.

Often when choosing early orthodontics, you can break the process into a two-step system wherein the second step of the procedure can often be eliminated as the issue has been resolved. This makes the whole braces process much easier for the child as well as parent. Younger children are also more receptive to the idea of orthodontic devices; they see their appliances as unique, and even cool!.

Knowing the importance of early orthodontics is only part of the battle. Now the question is: where do you go? Go to the practice where previous patients bring their children! Doctor James Poyak has earned the trust of many families. Patients truly feel at home in the office as well. Doctor Poyak’s practice can be described as the hidden treasure of Scottsdale.

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