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Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos of orthodontic care by Dr. Poyak

Orthodontic Case #3

This male patient was referred to me for orthodontics by another dentist. His main concerns were the crowding of his teeth as well as the esthetics of his smile. It was decided that to achieve the best. longest lasting results for him, that it would be a two pronged approach to care. First would be the orthodontics to correct the major misalignments. During this phase, we leveled the teeth and reduced the amount of overbite as well as established a pleasant looking of the gum tissue that would show on smiling.

The second phase required ceramic crowns on his six top front teeth as well as four crowns on the lower molars. The upper front teeth and the lower back molars had been damaged by acidic erosion from beverages. 

Do you think he likes the results? I know he does!